Xpect - Xpect
Xpect is a design studio where brands come to grow.
naming, identity design, graphic design, websites, web communication, campaigns, social media, communication, print, brochures, identity materials, packaging, posters, flyers, creative idea, copywriting, design, business cards, book, brochure, outdoor posters, photography, product, event, corporate
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A design studio where brands come to grow.

We are here to help brands with the naming, identity design, graphic design, launch them on the big wide web (design for websites, web communication campaigns, social media communication) or prepare them for big (or smaller scale) appearances offline (print brochures, identity materials, packaging, posters, flyers etc).

We also take care that their image is clean and cool, their speech and tone of voice smart and well suited for their target and the channels where they send their message, efficient.

This might soud mighty ambitious, but our well trained team can develop your project from the very first idea – concept, creative idea, copywriting, design (even interior design for your new place, business store or corporate headquarters!), print and delivery of hard copy (be it your business cards, a book, a brochure, outdoor posters, and prints of any kind) and photography (product, event, corporate photography).

How do we do it? With patience, a passion for our work and hope…from the clients’ requests of “I want something but I’m not sure how It should look like” to “I know exactly what I want” and finally, to “Well, you’re the professional, we’ll do as you recommend”.

We are a small agency with an extended team of senior professionals – including graphic designers, programmers, copywriters, photographers, DTP, print specialists and interior decorators, at your call.